Actor Pro Bait Boat Features
 1. Release bait: Release bait with two hoppers separately;
2. Two hoppers: one in mid of the boat body, one is in rear.
3. Two hoppers capacity is 1.5 Kg.
4. Lithium polymer battery with 7.4V 10A . 
5. Lithium polymer battery is safe, with stable feature, discharge and charging protection.
6. Working time is 5hours for 10A.
7. Battery Power bar to show the power of the boat.
8. Low power indicator, when the boat is low power, the front light will flash.
9. Rear Light to know the direction of boat well.
10. Hopper release indicator: the rear lights will flash.
11. Go forward automatically, boat can go one minutes automatically, during this, boat can be controlled to left and right. Press
other key will stop going forward automatically.
12. RC distance is 500 meters.
13. Boat go smoothly and balance on the water with two parts at the bottom of the hull.
14. Sonar: detect depth, fish, temperature,land,etc
15. 16 Gps points 
16. Show distance between boat and point saved.
17. Auto-pilot point saved
18. Auto-Release bait
19. Return Automatically when remote controller is out of power or lose signal.
Actor Pro Bait Boat Parameter
3.Hopper Capacity: 1KG+0.5KG
4.Totally waterproof 
5.Power: 7.4V/5000Mah / 10000Mah 
6.Driving Motor: 7.4V/6000rpm 
7.Working Time: 2.5hrs 
8.Maximum Speed: 70m/min 
9.500meters RC distance 
10.Frequency: 2.4G 
11.Charging Current:1.0A 
12.Charging Voltage:9V 
13.Charging Time:5hrs 
14.Controller Charging Time:2hrs, could use 4hrs 
Gross Weight: 2.85KG 
Carton Size: 560*290*260mm
Sonar depth: 20 Meters
Accuracy: 1Meter

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