Since its release in 2006 the performance of Odyssey XXX and the results achieved by anglers using it have been nothing short of remarkable. Year in year out it continues to help anglers catch some of the most pressured fish from some of the most pressured waters time and time again. After months and even years of doing this one starts to realise it is no coincidence.

When formulating this bait we were confident that it would be a huge success once it was on general sale, but even we have been surprised! The sheer number of reports of outstanding catch results has been phenomenal, with anglers right through Europe experiencing ‘unbelievable’ responses with ‘personal bests,’ repeat captures, multiple captures on some of the country’s most difficult waters, ‘sessions of a lifetime’ etc being reported throughout the calendar year.

During development we were determined to ensure that no expense was spared on Odyssey XXX, adding unprecedented levels of proven natural attractors. This approach was designed to do three things.

1. Give anglers 100% confidence in the bait’s effectiveness due to the extremely high inclusion levels of GLM, Betaine and other products so that anglers are free to focus on other issues such as location and application.

2. Offer anglers a genuine edge (and maintain it) over others by providing them with a bait which is very difficult to copy due to its very high ingredient costs.

3. Provide fish with a ‘food source’ bait made from the highest quality products, delivering a rich natural taste which has even the most pressured fish returning for more, right throughout the year.

Developed from our original Odyssey base mix which contained milk proteins, hydrolysed fish proteins, bird foods, yeasts, low temperature and pre-digested fish meals, Odyssey XXX has several key modifications. These include the addition of 10% Green Lipped Mussel Extract (100g per kg) and extra Betaine, beautifully complimenting the existing yeasty-fishy aroma derived from the main base ingredients of the mix. 

It has been very rewarding to see that Odyssey XXX has become the missing piece of the jigsaw for many anglers, There is no reason why it can’t be for you too. But don’t just take our word for it, ask someone using it or get on it now to see how devastatingly effective it really is!

Boilie Colour Variation:   

Our boilies do not contain synthetic dyes so different batches of the same bait may vary in colour. This is due to natural colour variations in some of the ingredients we use (such as fish meals, spices, natural extracts etc) and does not affect the quality or performance of the bait. Our baits are as naturally attractive as we can make them… and this includes some occasional, naturally-derived colour variations as you find with natural, wholesome foods that fish feed on in their own environment (such as snails, mussels, bloodworm etc).

Bait Hardness:

Please be aware that this boilie product may not be suitable for use in a throwing stick if used ‘straight from the bag’. Due to the level of the soluble, highly attractive ingredients used in this bait it may be quite soft. To make it more suitable for throwing stick use we recommend air drying it or coating it with liquids to make it firmer.


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